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Mount and Roll B.V. is a Dutch based company located close to the main port in Rotterdam. We are a young dynamic team with a solution for all the drivers who are standing every day beside the road because of a puncture, and don't have spare wheel in their vehicle.

From 2014 car manufacturers find themselves under increasing pressure to reduce the weight of their vehicles in order to make them more fuel-efficient and to meet the emission targets. One of the simplest ways for them to achieve these targets is to remove the spare wheel and instead they supply now only a simple tyre inflation repair kit. This kit is very difficult to use and will not work in most of the cases and you still need the assistance of the road recovery services.

The Universal Spare Wheel fixes spare breakdowns, so now the majority of cars with 4 and 5-stud wheels without a spare wheel can be helped at all times! It’s a huge added value for the recovery sector and car owner. Simple, quick, time, cost saving and convenient.

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